His scientific interests cover physics of metals, plasma physics, superconductivity, theory of magnetism. In cooperation with Aleksander Akhiezer and Serhii Peletmynskyi, Bar’yakhtar discovered magnetoacoustic resonance (1956) and intermediate state in antiferromagnets (1970). He was one of the first to study non-linear properties of magnetic materials, and to introduce the concept of soliton into physics of magnetism. The scientist received principally important results in kinetics of solitons, invented the theory of collective spectra of magnetoelastic waves in magnetic materials, developed the macroscopic theory of relaxation of the magnetic moment in ferromagnets with allowance for exchange interaction.

Bar’yakhtar is the author of more than 500 scientific works, including monographs known abroad.


Member of American Physical Society and Italian Physical Society, International Association of Mathematical Physics (IAMP), President of Ukrainian Physical Society (1991-1995), member of New-York Academy of Sciences, Hero of Ukraine (2010), Merited Worker of Science (1980), laureate of State Prizes of the USSR (1971 and 1986) and Ukraine (1999), K. D. Synelnikov and M. M. Krylov Prizes of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1978, 1985), M. M. Boholiubov Prize of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1993), M. M. Boholiubov International Prize of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Prize of World Federation of Scientists (Italy, 2000).


Order of Red Labor Flag (1971), Order of Lenin (1986), Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Class V (1998), Order of Miner’s Glory, Class I (1998), and Order of Merit, Class II (2000), the medal of John Paul II, Honorary Decoration of President of Ukraine (1994).