Education and Teaching Methods

The Education and Teaching Methods Committee of the Academic Board is involved in decision-making as to:

  • approving educational programs and curricula for each level of higher education and speciality;
  • organizing the educational process, determining the terms of training within the corresponding degrees of higher education;
  • approving the examples and the procedure for production of the University diploma on higher education, the provisions on the procedure and the grounds for issuing it to graduates, as well as the examples, the production procedure, the procedure and the grounds for issuing joint and double diplomas to graduates;
  • approving the program activities to cultivate a healthy lifestyle among the University students, faculty and staff;
  • optimizing the academic work and research at the University schools;
  • ensuring academic integrity and transparency of the educational process;
  • implementing the program of foreign language teaching to the University students;
  • implementing the E-learning (distance learning) technologies;
  • ensuring the University’s cultural and enlightening activities.
Standing Committee Members
Standing Committee Chairman
Standing Committee Members
Ruslan Vovk
Dean of School of Physics
Oleh Kaluhin
Dean of School of Chemistry
Valentyna Pasynok
Dean of School of Foreign Languages
Liudmyla Sokurianska
Head of Department of Sociology
Vadym Chebotarov
Director of Center for Pre-University Education
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