Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee of the Academic Board is involved in decision-making as to:

  • considering competitioners for the positions of deans,heads of departments, full professors, the Director of the Library, managers of branches;
  • awarding academic titles of full professor, associate professor and senior researcher;
  • awarding the University Bonus Payments;
  • recommending candidates for the Scholarship of the President of Ukraine to eminent workers of science, education and culture (in "Science" and "Education" nominations)
Standing Committee Members
Standing Committee Chairman
Standing Committee Members
Serhii Kulish
Head of Human Resources Service
Alla Krasnoporova
Head of Radiochemistry, Research Institute of Chemistry
Vasyl Larin
Director of Research Institute of Chemistry
Rostyslav Luniachek
Director of Museum of Nature
Valentyna Mokhonko
Deputy Director of Central Scientific Library
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