Legal Foundations for Activity and Regulations

The Committee on Legal Foundations for Activity and Regulations of the Academic Board is involved in decision-making as to:

  • approving/amending the Academic Board Regulations;
  • determining the system of and approving the procedure for internal higher education quality assurance;
  • approving the rules of admission to V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University;
  • issuing a recall of the University President as required by the Law, the Statute of the University, the contract submitted for consideration at the Conference of the University Employees;
  • drawing up the draft Statute of the University, as well as amendments and additions thereto, with subsequent submission thereof for consideration at the Conference of the University Employees,
  • monitoring the compliance with the Academic Board’s previous decisions;
  • approving/amending the composition of the University’s Board of Overseers;
  • ensuring compliance with the development strategy of the University till 2020.
Standing Committee Members
Standing Committee Chairman
Oleh Tyrnov
Head of Primary Trade Union Organization, Head of Department of Space Radiophysics
Standing Committee Members
Tetiana Kahanovska
Dean of School of Law
Liudmyla Niemets
Head of Department of Social and Economic Geography and Regional Studies
Vilina Peresadko
Dean of School of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism
Vadym Sidorov
Dean of School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business
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