Science and Research

The Science and Research Committee of the Academic Board is involved in decision-making as to:

  • determining the strategy and promising directions in the development of science, research and innovation at the University;
  • evaluating the scientific and pedagogical activity of the structural subdivisions;
  • approving enrollments in doctoral programs;
  • evaluating the thesis research progress;
  • approving /revising topics of doctoral theses;
  • hearing reports of the University’s doctoral students;
  • evaluating the state of postgraduate and doctoral programs at the University;
  • evaluating the performance of the University Thesis Committees;
  • evaluating the performance of the Student Research Society;
  • recommending candidates of young scientists and university students for prizes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the best scientific works;
  • recommending postgraduate students for academic scholarships of the President of Ukraine;
  • recommending postgraduate students for scholarships of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and M. S. Hrushevsky scholarships;
  • nominating scientific papers for the annual Prizes of the President of Ukraine for young scientists;
  • recommending candidates for scholarships of the President of Ukraine for eminent workers of education and science;
  • recommending candidates for the Prizes of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for young scientists in fundamental and applied research and scientific and technological developments;
  • supporting candidates for the State Prizes of Ukraine in science, technology and education;
  • recommending candidates for participation in the contest of research projects for the annual grants of the President of Ukraine to doctors of sciences (under 45 years of age) for scientific research;
  • evaluating the results of science and research in the calendar year.